Neither pet nor owner should dread the trip to the vet. A stress free visit starts at home. Cat owners and small dog owners should invest in a carrier that is comfortable for bringing their pet into the clinic. A towel can be sprayed with Feliway (for cats) and Adaptil spray (for dogs) for inside the carrier. These are pheromones which help make the pet feel like more relaxed. It is important that the carrier being used is out in an open area at all times and is associated with positive’s such as treats/toys when they go inside of the kennel.

If your pet is anxious, ask your veterinarian for an anti-anxiety medication. These medications can help reduce their anxiety and decrease their stress for the duration of their visit.

It is also beneficial to bring your pet hungry. Hungry pets respond much better to treats, making it much easier to perform medical procedures using food as a distraction. A 12 hour fast before a routine veterinary visit is ideal to make your pet more cooperative while providing a more positive experience with food.

Choose a veterinary clinic that is stress-free. This is a practice where steps are taken to reduce the anxiety of pets and their comfort and emotions are taken into consideration. These clinics do not have long wait times, and typically move pets into exam rooms quickly. In some cases you can leave your pet in the car until they are ready for you in the clinic. A practice that has species specific room ( i.e separate cat and dogs exam room and treatment area) is also very beneficial for lowering stress levels in pets.

Prior to your medical visit, take your pet to the clinic a few times and make your pet familiar with the environment. The next time you go there for a wellness visit, your pet will be familiar with the clinic and will associate it with positive experiences. Choose a veterinarian who is calm and patient and can recognize anxiety and take the appropriate steps to minimize these emotions.

Call us at Legacy Veterinary Clinic to learn about our Puppy and Kitten rooms, and the steps we have taken to have a pet centric and stress-free clinic in order to keep you and your pets at ease. We know pets are family, and we are committed to treat your pet as if it was our own.


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