We understand that having a sick pet is very scary and stressful; we want to be there for you when it happens. We will do everything we can to be available for same day appointments.  We know you are your pet’s voice and we will hear all your concerns regarding their health.

We offer both conventional and alternative medicine because we want to give your pets every possible option for good health.  We will take the time to explain different options and provide you with a detailed treatment plan. In our treatment plan, we include estimates of each diagnostic test and treatment options so that you can make an informed decision.

We are equipped with digital radiography to achieve timely highly diagnostic images. We also offer laboratory services to provide accurate diagnostic results in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We also offer variety of surgical services such as spays, neuters, lump removal, abdominal surgery, ocular surgery and many more . We strive to keep your pet as comfortable, safe and stress free as possible.   Therefore, all pets undergoing general anesthesia at Legacy Veterinary Clinic are placed on intravenous fluids and are monitored by our dedicated Animal Health Technologist. We also provide each pet with multimodality pain control during and after surgery.