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Our mission is to care for you and your pets with love and kindness. Legacy Veterinary Clinic is pet centric and stress free to keep you and your pets at ease. We know pets are family, and we are committed to treat your pet as if it was our own.
Alternative Therapy and Pet Rehabilitation
Did you know we offer alternative medicine in addition to conventional treatments to give your pets every possible option for good health? Get in touch with us to learn about complementary vet services such as Sport Medicine, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy and more!
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Did you know you can order pet food and supplies from comfort of your own home? Place your orders online and pick them up at Legacy Vet Clinic.

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We offer both conventional and alternative veterinary medicine services. You are your pets best advocate; we work closely with you to keep them happy and healthy for the duration of their lives.


Place food and supply orders online and pick them up at Legacy Veterinary Clinic the next day. Our online catalog contains a wide variety of items from different suppliers.


Legacy Veterinary Clinic is an accredited “Cat Friendly” practice by American Association of Feline Practitioners. Legacy Veterinary Clinic incorporates cat-friendly features into the physical environment of the clinic including special waiting accommodations, cat-only exam rooms and ward facilities. Our knowledgeable staff also approach cat care in a different manner. They understand the needs of the cat such as how to interpret a cat’s facial expression and body language. The staff are also well-trained in alternate techniques to calm an anxious cat and ensure that exams and procedures do not escalate anxiety.

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Veterinary Financing Options

Your beloved pets can have accidents and become ill suddenly and their medical care expense might be expensive. Not having pet insurance or available funds to proceed with their medical treatments can be devastating. At Legacy Veterinary Clinic, we offer financing options through 3rd party lenders to help you move forward with your pet’s treatment plans and pay over time. We are proud to be partnered with Petcard, Canada’s premier veterinary financing company. Apply for financing pre-approval 24/7.

Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plans

Legacy Veterianry Clinic offers Wellness Plan packages for your young puppies and kittens covering all preventive health care needs of your new furry friends. The Wellness Plans includes low monthly payments and lots of savings and discounts. We offer you this opportunity to spread the preventive health care cost of your pet over a 12-month period (interest free). Together, we can strive to give our four-legged friends the best chance possible for a long and healthy life!

Read What Our Clients Say About Legacy Vet Clinic!

  • I’ve been taking my pets to Dr Maryam for about four years now. She is amazing and my pets love her. Her new clinic is fabulous and the staff are friendly, caring and thoughtful. I wouldn’t trust my pets with anyone else!

    Chris Nielsen-Amantea
  • This has been the best vet we've ever taken Frankie to. Both ladies were very patient and gave us alternative treatments for our dog to avoid the ones she's uncomfortable with. Very informative, and nice doctor. Also, we were surprised when we got a tour of the facility, that they offer alternative holistic treatments for fur babies. It's really great to come across this vet. They even send follow up emails after your visit to explain what went on with the consultation and findings.
    All the best to Dr. Maryam and her team! Frankie thanks you a lot for taking care of her.

    Gladys Lucille Endozo
  • Thank you Dr. Maryam and staff!
    Our pup Blue saw Dr. Maryam back when the clinic first opened for an annual check up and I can not say enough good words. Blue absolutely loved her and the treats, of course!
    Last night we had a little incident with our Blue boy and he had to go to the emergency clinic.. Dr Maryam called me this AM after she received and reviewed the documents on what went wrong. She was checking in to see how Blue was doing and to make sure things are back to normal this morning.
    The first time I met Dr. Maryam I knew that she was compassionate and empathetic of her job, the people and the animals she treats.
    Thank you Legacy Veterinary Clinic for becoming part of the Community.. we are happy to have you!

    Alanna Robyn
  • We are so glad that Dr. Maryam opened her clinic in our community. She and her team are always kind, compassionate and positive. We are so glad to have a vet who provides holistic options in addition to traditional medicine. Thank you Dr. Maryam and team.♥️❤️

    Sharilyn Kay
  • The moment we walked into Legacy Veterinary Clinic I felt like we had an instant connection with the staff there. They treat us like family, accept our family dynamic without question and love our dog Ozzy for exactly who he is. It is so refreshing to find a Vet who believes in the power of alternative medicine. Dr. Maryam is a brilliant, competent and kind soul. We feel so blessed to have found her! My wife and I came to Dr. Maryam, desperate to help our little man Ozzy who was experiencing so much pain and partial paralysis in his back. The vet we saw previously wanted to do a surgery costing thousands of dollars we did not have. Euthanasia was even discussed as a possibility. After only 2 acupuncture treatments, some physiotherapy and coaching from Dr. Maryam, Ozzy has regained feeling and control in his hind end and is growing stronger every day. He still has a long road to recovery ahead but thanks to Dr. Maryam and the wonderful team at Legacy Veterinary Clinic, we are very hopeful that he will recover and be able to live a long, happy life. From the bottom of our hearts, we can’t thank you enough for the invaluable gifts of hope and healing you are providing our entire family with! Namaste,

    Tanis Lowe
  • I just moved to the SE and took my two Morkies here for dental work. The staff was so good to my dogs and to me. They explained every single thing and were so professional but also friendly and warm.

    Lorraine Rae
  • Little Westly has his first visit and we highly recommend this clinic! Thanks for everything today!

    Sebnem Yaran
  • Our 3 recent visits have been by far the best vet experience I have had as a pet owner. The staff at Legacy Vet clinic are friendly, supportive and lovely. I was a nervous wreck when my soon to be 11 years old, 2 pound Chihuahua needed a dental. She had never had any type of procedure before and I was so worried something may go wrong. The staff were so supportive and gentle. The procedure went great even with 9 extractions my fur baby seemed to be in no discomfort at all! Since the procedure she has been in great spirits; playing like a puppy! I recommend this clinic to anyone looking for amazing service, support, knowledge, expertise and overall great with your pets!

    Lisa Solomon
  • I've brought my dog here a few times now and each time has been a great experience!
    The Dr. Jajouei and her staff are so kind and patient even with my dog who is very anxious and stubborn. They had a welcome message for my dog when we went for an appointment and they remembered what treats he liked! Also really appreciate that the hours go a little later some days, makes it easier to schedule.

  • Great and caring service.

    Brad Carroll
  • I have been looking for a vet that is truly engaged and open to a more holistic type of pet care. FINALLY I FOUND ONE!!!! I am so thrilled to find Dr. Miriam! She makes you feel very comfortable with with alternative choices I have made for my dogs and she balances these ideas traditional vet practices beautifully! My dogs really enjoy both Dr.Miram as well as the friendly staff. I have a 13 year young Belgian that injured her back end and the acupuncture along with physio really gave her back the youthful spring in her step. Thank god. And thank you Dr.Miriam!!!

    Tatjanna Czypionka
  • Super impressed. Dr. Maryam Jajouei is amazing. She is incredibly dedicated and patient. Buddy is well on his way to recovery thanks to the efforts of Dr. Jajouei. She goes above and beyond trying many alternate treatments to find the best fit for recovery, not just pills. She personally calls to follow up on Buddy's progress. The love the staff has for their patients is evident the moment you walk in the door. I can't say enough.
    Thank you Maryam, Alyssa and Linda.

    Laura Mcintosh
  • Amazing clinic! Completely cured our dogs paralysis with a mix of physio and acupuncture treatments ♥️

    Alexa Jade Warren
  • Very happy I brought My pooch to this clinic

    Darth Shalom
  • I’ve been taking my pets to Dr Maryam for about four years now. She is amazing and my pets love her. Her new clinic is fabulous and the staff are friendly, caring and thoughtful. I wouldn’t trust my pets with anyone else!

    Chris Nielsen
  • Dr Maryam is amazing, the support staff is caring and thoughtful.

    Joanne Kuypers
  • The people are amazing and the care they provided to my fur kid was awesome. We have definitely found our new vet!

    Diane Diprose Jackson
  • Kali has been an acupuncture patient of Dr. Maryam’s for almost a year. She was suffering from chronic tummy troubles, and acupuncture has greatly improved her condition without the use of medication. I love that Dr. Maryam offers both alternative and conventional medicine, giving the best option for each individual pet. She is a compassionate and gentle doctor I would recommend to anyone. The new clinic in Legacy is amazing. It is bright and welcoming, and Alyssa and Linda, alongside Dr. Maryam give the clinic a hometown feeling in the middle of the big city. Kali and I look forward to many more visits in the future!

    Amanda B.
  • I walked in to the clinic today in total distress today after going to our family vet in chaparral and receiving an estimated for $800 for my sons 2 year old Tabby that scratched her inner eye lid and had a large piece extruding. I asked if they could do anything for me as I really could not afford it. They saw me right away with no exam charge and the vet provided surgery and all treatment for half the estimate given.
    I am so thankful for this wonderful vet for the empathy and care she showed us at a very trying time. I will be switching all my family pets here where tx is fair and reasonable and they don’t jump to the most expensive tx. When your pet is cared for and safe with reasonable treatment you really ? Other people’s practices.

    Tina Siebert Edwards
  • The lovely people at Legacy Vet clinic were so compassionate and caring. Even though they only got to see my Oliver for a short time, they were amazing. ❤️

    Michelle Bacon
  • I live in Walden and noticed that there was a new Vet clinic in Legacy just around the corner from my house. My sweet dog was picking at his ears so I decided I would check out the clinic and made an appointment! Dr. Maryam and her staff were amazing! They were so caring and answered all my questions in a very thoughtful and detailed manner. They even had "Welcome Milo" on the white board in the examination room. I would highly recommend Legacy Vet Clinic!

    Nicole Walker
  • I had to take my dog Benny in this morning after what we thought was a broken leg. We’d never been seen at this clinic before but they were so welcoming and sympathetic. They kept me informed the whole time with what they were doing and let me go to the back to see Benny and be a part of what was going on. Definitely will be taking all of our dogs here for their routine visits now. Thanks so much!!

    Jenna Sietinga
  • Dr. Maryam Jajouei is such a great Veterinarian. She always answers all of my questions and is so caring with my pup. Linda treats my puppy like one of her own from the minute we walk in the door. I really appreciate the follow up calls from Alyssa after the appointment. It just gives you a chance to ask questions you may have forgotten to ask at the time. I am very happy with the service provided.

    Lyndsay Clair
  • This is an awesome place to take your pets. They are deeply caring, knowledgeable, professional and patient. I took my cat there recently and they went out of their way to take good care of him at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend this place.

    Nima Saber
  • I can’t say much about the clinic as yet simply because it has yet to open. What I can say , is that Maryam has looked after our dog Baxster for the last 2 years while she was with Fish Creek Pet Hospital. FCPH is a good clinic but sadly, the shear volume of the clinic meant that unless an appointment had been scheduled with a specific Dr., rarely did he see the same Dr. In the last 6 months of his life, Maryam made sure that we always had access to her, and that was important to us and to our dog Baxster. The last few days of his life, he was in the clinic, the very last day we brought him home to be with us around 7am. We didn’t know how long he would be with us but it was painfully clear that it wasn’t going to be long. Later in the afternoon, it was time. We called Doc Maryam and she came to the house. Emotions were high, a very upsetting moment as you can appreciate. Maryam also was quite emotional, I could sense that not only was she there as his Dr. she also was there as my dogs friend. A friendly face that he knew cared for him. My wife and I got a sense of comfort from this and we are thankful that Maryam was with us at home when it was time. So I can’t say much about the clinic, but I can say that Doc Maryam truly cares for patients, she is knowledgeable, tender, a great vet that also practices alternative treatments such as Accupunture, Hydro Therapy, Laser therapy and a myriad of other alternative care techniques and procedures. Progressive and traditional, for us, best of both worlds. It’s been a few months now since Baxster has been gone, we are still hurting but we only yesterday, selected a new puppy to care for and join the family and Benson will be meeting Doc Maryam in about 5 weeks. Nothing at all wrong with FCPH but we want the personal care of one Vet for our dog, we will for sure be staying with Doc Maryam at the new clinic. I expect it will be a huge success and certainly will bring value to and for the Legacy community. Congrats Maryam. You’re one heck of a good vet and a good family friend.

    Blair Robertshaw
  • I highly recommend Dr. Maryam & her staff. She was very thorough with examining my 18.5 year old dog. I felt very at ease leaving her clinic with her diagnosis. Where with other vets I never felt confident with what they told me. We will definitely be going back. ??

    Sharon Shackman-Anderson
  • The ladies at Legacy vet clinic are very knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. Thanks for the great care.

    Melanie Hyland
  • Dr. Maryam and her staff are extremely friendly and caring people. My dog Mandy has received many different types of treatment with Dr. Maryam. I'm always confident that Mandy is getting the best treatments possible for her ailments. Dr. Maryam is a vet you can trust.

    Linda Koocher Kennedy
  • Exceeded all expectations! Legacy has amazingly caring and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Maryam was able to diagnose exactly what was wrong with my pup, and took the time to explain the various treatment options (acupuncture, medications, holistic options etc...) Since the appointment my dog's issue has completely cleared up. The clinic is very clean and welcoming! I highly recommend this vet clinic!

    S M
  • By far the best veterinary clinic I have been to. Fair prices, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Can't go wrong!

    Brad O'Neill
  • My cat, Kali, has been a long term acupuncture patient of Dr Maryam’s, so when she opened her own clinic it was an obvious choice for us to follow her. The clinic is bright and welcoming, and Linda and Alyssa are amazing at making you and your fur family feel comfortable. Dr Maryam is such a compassionate veterinarian and offers both conventional and holistic medicine, giving a wider variety of treatment options to specifically address your pet’s concerns.
    Kali and I will definitely be continuing to see Dr Maryam, and we both would definitely recommend her and Legacy Veterinary Clinic to anyone looking for a family vet.

    Amanda Barker
  • We are just thrilled with Dr. Maryam and her team at Legacy. We were referred by another clinic for acupuncture, laser treatment, and physical therapy for our dachshund Maude who suffers from IVDD and had recently blown a second disk in her back. After three sessions, Maude has a lot more pep in her step, and she is excited to go to her appointments! I was moderately skeptical about how much relief Maude might get from these alternative treatments, but the proof is definitely in her demeanour and appearance today compared to a month ago.
    The entire team is so kind, gentle and respectful - both to me *and* my dog - and little extra touches, like a welcome message for Maude on the whiteboard in the treatment room and tea for me, create a comfortable atmosphere, even for my preschooler.
    The clinic is absolutely spotless and cheerful. Super reasonable pricing, and I love the lack of hustle and bustle in this smaller clinic environment. I look forward to visiting this clinic with my other pets going forward! Thank you for your amazing and attentive care, Dr. Maryam, Linda, and Alyssa!

    Kate Peterson Koch
  • This is a wonderful place to take your fur babies. They are compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, professional and extremely patient. My little puppy has been quite ill but he appears to be on the mend after his visit to the clinic. The vet interacted with him like he was her own dog. Everyone that works there cares for your animal with dignity and respect. I will be taking my cat in when necessary and I am extremely confident that he will receive the same loving care that my puppy did. This is an excellent choice for care for your fur babies and I recommend it highly. They also do alternative care and provide rehab services if required.

    Lynne Lee
  • Excellent experience everytime. Dr. Maryam Jajouei is awesome! Very welcoming, caring, and knowledgeable. I truly believe she saved my dog's life with acupuncture a year ago, and he now goes regularly and can run and jump like a puppy. All of the staff at this clinic have also been very kind and welcoming.

    Aloramay Bastine
  • Dr. Maryam is amazing!!!! Not only does she offer exceptional care (she has seen our cat and dog for treatment and has also interacted with our kitten for a general checkup), but she goes above and beyond to offer helpful advice and to also calm our pets as much as possible. I took my stressed cat in for a last-minute appointment this past week and not only did Dr. Maryam assess and diagnose her, she also helped create a much more relaxing atmosphere in the cat carrier to ensure that my cat was not distressed going home. She gave me helpful resources to implement tools to make future vet visits (and travel) more enjoyable for my cat. Dr. Maryam also always follows up in the following day or two to check in on our pets, and provide additional information and advice if needed. Another fantastic service that Legacy Vet Clinic provides is that they will email you information and resources relevant to your vet visit (e.g., pamphlets on feline upper respiratory infections), along with your invoice, results of the visit and any tests done, and any other relevant information you may require. Linda, the Client Care Specialist, is also wonderful and accommodating (and at my last visit had some fantastic suggestions for training our kitten)!

    Ariel Dimler
  • Had a first acupuncture visit with Dr. Maryam and everyone in the clinic was amazing! Koda soaked up all the attention and treats and was very relaxed the whole visit. We can already see improvements in his stature and mobility. Highly recommend and can’t wait until our next appointment.

    Julia Lindsay Tomascin
  • Everyone was very kind and wonderful. thank you so much for everything ❤ I really appreciate it

    Jessica Kowalewski
  • We would not trust any one else but Dr Maryam with our fur babies. The love and care Dr Maryam and Linda give each and every one that walk through the door is amazing. Dr Maryam has looked after our family for years and now our new doggy Luna. We truly honestly know we get the very best treatment each and every time.

    J R
  • Dr.Maryam was excellent with Arnie, my jack/yorkiex! He doesn't like anyone but me &our previous vet (dr.chapman) doing stuff to him. He let Dr.Maryam do acupuncture &massage on him, only trying to bite her a couple times! (Arnie is a jerk and will bite everyone:-), so this was wonderful for him) Very impressed with Dr.Maryam!!

    TR Turner